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April 27, 2003

Well I havent updated in a lllooonnnnggggg tttttiiiiimmmmmeeeeee. Well I kind of have good news. I might be joining a band today. its not something I want to get into but I figure Id try it out. Its mainly black metal influence music, i like that stuff but not  the kind of band I want to be in. But ill try it out because I want to get some where with my music. And a drummer should be coming soon.*crosses fingers*. If all goes plan you metal heads should be seeing a demo come out REAL soon. but not under the name S.F.. Unless the band wants to have that be the name. On another note I finished Satans hell. all riffs are arranged only minor thing that needs to be added is a solo. which hopefully this new guitarist will provide. Well thats it for now. Ill let you guys know anything that happens in my metal world when it happens. Peace \\m//

Febuary 16, 2003
Well I just took our sound files of the discography page. I didnt want any one stealing my riffs. Cause I know there are cheap bastards out there that will try something like that. So if your a drummer and you wanna hear what we sound like then your just gonna have to come over to hear us. Well thats about it for the updates today. Metal forever. \\m//

Feburary 14, 2003
Happy Valentines day fuck heads. Well I finally added something in the Thank you page. I also added  me playing cannibal corpse on the home page if you couldnt tell. 
I said there werent gonna be any more songs on the album.........Well I lied. I just made a kick ass song yesterday called I See You. Ill add A file up as soon as I can record it. Well I belive thats it for now. Talk to you Metal Heads later. \\m//

Febuary 10, 2003
Well I told you  I would get sound files up of guitar and I did. There are currently two songs up both being a minute long each. Sound quality is shit cause of recording method I used. Oh well.
On to another note there has been two songs added to our demo/cd: Satans Hell and Slaughter for Revenge. Satans hell and SFR are a tribute to old school speed/death metal. That will proabably be the only death metal songs that are gonna be on the cd. There are more but we most likely wont have them recorded. Well talk to you metal heads later. METAL SHALL NEVER DIE!!!!
James O.

Feburary 6 2003
Well I thought I should add an update page to let you all know whats happening with band and the site. I will try to give you metal heads and update at least 2 times a week maybe less.
For starters I have been talking to a couple of drummers one who is getting offered to be in the Death metal band Midion. But he said he is gonna try us out because he is sick of the whole double bass through out the whole song. Hopefully he will feel what we are doing. Even though this might be happing it most likely wont so Ill say it again, If you are a drummer who listens to nothing but speed, death, and heavy metal, and looking to be in a band then email me. Plus you have to be 18 to 23. Aight. There has been a photo put up of me. James, in the Useless shit section so make sure you check it out. Well talk to you all later next update.
James O.

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