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On this page I'll list the band's upcoming demo release. I'll include a picture of the CD jacket (if I have one), a track list, and my own comments. I'll also include a sample sound file, if I can manage to upload a couple on here.

S/F 2003

X-ray image

Track List:
Anger Rising, I eat babies, Pt.1 , High On God@, Skull Fuck, Death.....(instrumental), .....Is the End of Everything, Die River, Betrayel, Satans hell, Slaughter For Revenge, I See You(just added) and more to come.

Guitar files, sound quality is shit but what do you expect from the windows sound recorder. Oh well just listen and youll get the idea:

A demo will hopefully be started in a month or so. I will try to get some guitar files uploaded so you can get a picture of what we sound like. Hail all metal heads.

Favorite Song

As of right now my favorite song is Symbolic by Death(R.I.P. Chuck) off the Symbolic album.